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Aligned Healing for Well Being

Concurrently healing the body, mind, and spirit.

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Working with Ashley has been transformational. Her treatments work on a physical, mental, and emotional level. She finds, and then gently clears away blockages leaving me feeling totally relaxed, rebalanced, and ultimately well. Ashley has been a huge part of my healing and am so grateful to have found her!

                                    Scarlett R.


Ashley Dye

Ashley R. Dye, INHC

Ashley R. Dye is an intuitive healer in Sagaponack, New York. Certified by the American Biomagnetism Association, Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Usui reiki master, and Lightarian reiki practitioner, Ashley is immersed in the field of alternative healing and energy work. As a natural born empath, Ashley has been committed to nurturing and inspiring others into higher vibrational frequencies from a young age. This inherent commitment to serving others became a dedication when, faced with her own life crisis of debilitating neurological Lyme disease and personal trauma, she experienced firsthand the awesome power of aligned healing.


Healing Sessions

Each session lasts approximately an hour to an hour and a half. Biomagnetism is the primary modality utilized. Clients relax comfortably clothed on a practitioners table while kinesiology is used to scan the body for imbalances. Magnet pairs are strategically placed to correct the pH of different body systems. During the session clients experience a state of calm, and it is common to fall into a restful sleep. After the session it is normal to feel a sense of peaceful connectedness to the day. The 'lift' continues well after the session has ended and it is advised that clients book their session on days when they have time to settle into themselves and enjoy the shifts taking place. 

In person or distance sessions available.



Restore and recalibrate.

Targeting biological and emotional imbalances due to illness, injury, stress, and trauma.

Through the primary modality of biomagnetism, pH imbalances throughout the body from acute and chronic stressors are targeted and recalibrated, optimizing body function. Conditions addressed (but not limited to!) Bacterial and viral infections, insomnia, chronic fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, fibromyalgia, hormone disturbances, and pain due to injury and inflammation. Healing and recovery are expedited and clients can expect to feel an immediate relief. Reiki may incorporated and current trapped emotions may be lifted to promote energy flow and well being.



Enhanced Vitality

Excellent for addressing chronic illness, past trauma, and core wounds.

Sessions run the same as an individual, with the added benefit of consistent support in elevating and maintaining the biological baseline as well as the opportunity to go deeper into trapped emotions from past trauma, and 'lifting' them from the area they are causing issue. An excellent option for clients contending with long term chronic issues such as Lyme disease, anxiety, chronic fatigue, fertility and infertility,  injury, anxiety, etc.



Comprehensive Healing

Personalized, in depth, healing program for committed individuals

5 weeks

 This program is designed for individuals dedicated to upleveling in a conscious and disciplined framework. Regular healing sessions, scheduled coaching and accountability meetings, and continuous support. A customized healing plan will be developed based on the clients needs and goals. Availability is very limited. Free consultation required. 


Situation Session


Immediate support targeting dysregulation occurring in real time

Support for established clients, situation sessions are designed to support emotional and energetic resiliency due to present day events and past trauma. Overwhelming emotions along with the flight/fight/freeze trauma response are addressed realigning the client's connection with self. Excellent for integrating consciousness and clearing the weight of heavy experiences. Clients can expeirience immediate relief from anxiety, grief, fear, and other low vibrational emotions and any impact on the physical body.


Sober Support


Physical, Emotional,and Energetic guidance to establish and maintain a healthy baseline

Designed to support clients as they assimilate to a sober lifestyle, gaining clarity and confidence. These sessions address actionable ways to establish a healthy baseline through nutritional and lifestyle guidance. Including alleviating anxiety, irritability, insomnia and other conditions that undermine sobriety. In person or virtual, sessions can be done individually or in groups up to four people and are offered as 30 and 60 minute meetings. Additional participants 50$ pp

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